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Scorpion by Transit Owl Frequently Asked Questions


How do I buy the Scorpion connector?

Go to

Where is your product manufactured?

The Scorpion Connector is proudly manufactured in the United States to
ensure the highest quality.

Can I buy the Scorpion Connector at my local auto parts store?

Not yet, but we're ramping up production. Stay tuned for updates by
signing up for our newsletter.

What is the return policy?

Returns are accepted within 30 days for unused items in their original packaging. Contact us via our Contact page to initiate a return. Upon receipt, you'll receive a refund minus shipping costs.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, contact us at or call (877) 625-7255 for wholesale inquiries.


Do you offer installation services?

Yes, we're developing a network of installation partners. Installation videos and guides are also available.

Can I install my Scorpion Connectors myself?

Absolutely! Easy-to-follow videos and an instruction manual are included with every shipment.

What is the cost of Installation?

Installation costs vary. Opting for "Installation included" at checkout activates a debit card with a standard value of $120.00.

Benefits of the Scorpion

What are the benefits of using the Scorpion?

The Scorpion offers ease of use, eliminates messy wires, and is compatible with various towing classes. It ensures reliability and saves time, money, and headaches. Using the Transit Owl hitch ball eliminates the need for any other hitch ball within towing classes 1-4. One hitch ball to rule them all.

Are the connectors gold layered?

Yes, the connectors feature gold-plating for a non-corrosive, reliable connection.

Warranty, Shipping, and Leasing

What does your warranty cover?

We offer a 12-month warranty on damaged or faulty parts. Contact our customer support team for assistance.

What are your shipping costs?

 We offer competitive shipping prices via USPS or UPS. 

Do you offer a lease program?

Yes, our lease program ensures you always have the latest components and upgrades.

Early Adopter Program

What is the Early Adopter Program?

Be among the first to use our flagship product, the Scorpion Connector, and provide feedback to shape future versions.

How do I sign up for the Early Adopter Program?

Contact us via our website and select the "Early Adopter" option. Purchase a Scorpion Connector and provide occasional feedback.

Can I provide feedback on the product?    

Yes, Early Adopters play a vital role in providing feedback through surveys and focus group sessions. 

When does the Early Adopter program end?

The program formally concludes on December 31st, 2024, but feedback is welcome anytime.


What are common causes of faulty trailer lights circuits?

Nine main causes include aulty ground, pinched wires, corroded connections, and crossed wires.

Why is a faulty ground considered the primary problem?

A proper ground connection is essential for electrical circuits to function correctly.

How can I test my trailer's electrical system for faults?

Use a 12-Volt battery or long red wire connected to your car battery while following safety precautions.

What should I do if my left turn signal isn't working?

Test the bulb, socket, and trailer wire harness for issues.

Is the trailer frame a reliable ground?

No, always test the vehicle outlet for a proper electrical circuit.

How can I address faulty trailer light functions while parked versus traveling?

Thoroughly test all functions while parked and inspect for loose connections
while traveling.

What should I do if fuses keep blowing?

Check for water ingress and crossed wires causing short circuits.

What should I do if I'm unsure about troubleshooting my trailer lights?

Seek assistance from a knowledgeable technician or contact customer support for