Introducing the SCORPION™ by Transit Owl:
The first WIRE-FREE trailer connector
& The Best Trailer Connector Ever!

A revolutionary trailer connector designed to eliminate the risk and hassle out of trailering. Designed to tolerate a wide range of temperatures and extreme weather conditions.
It's easy to use, built to last and affordable!

Scorpion: The only connector your trailer will ever need.

Protect Your Investments!

Transit Owl is a bold new leader in Towing Technology. Scorpion by Transit Owl is the first WIRE-FREE trailer connector. Our mission is to help you protect your investments. What you tow means a lot to you, and we take that seriously. We're revolutionizing the industry with our safety first, wire free connector, the new gold standard for trailer connectors!

One Ball To Rule Them All

The long neck ball replaces the need for multiple sized balls! SCORPION by Transit Owl is a two-piece hitch connector set made of nylon and gold-plating, creating the world's first non-corrosive, wire-free hitch connector. An ingenious connection system that replaces traditional and vulnerable pin-connector systems with more reliable gold-plated electrical tracks.

Scorpion Benefits

- Wire free connection
NO MORE Loose, worn-out and broken wires

- Quick Latching
NO MORE Time-consuming installation

- Safe and sound electrical connection
NO MORE Electrical connection problems

How to connect a trailer with the Transit Owl Scorpion Wireless Hitch Connector

Towing Class GTW Scorpion Connector Traditional System One ball does it all!
Scorpion System
Hitch Ball Size Hitch Ball Size Shank Diameter Coupler Size
Class I Light-duty 1,000-2,000 lbs 1-7/8" 2" 1" 2"
Class II Light-medium 2,000-3,500 lbs 1-7/8" 2" 1" 2"
Class III Medium Duty 3,500-8,000 lbs 2" 2" 1" 2"
Class IV Heavy Duty 5,000-12,000 lbs 2-5/16" 2" 1"* 2"
*1-1/4" for special order for up to 18,000 lbs

Who Needs A Scorpion by Transit Owl?


Truck, Vans & Sport
Utility Vehicle
in US


Pickup Trucks
sold in '21


RVs Sold in '21


Utility trailers
sold in '21

*U.S Bureau of Transportation Statistics


"I've used several trailer hitch connectors in the past, but this one stands out for its durability and reliability. It's been a game-changer for my towing needs, and I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a dependable connector."

"What I love most about the Scorpion Hitch Connector is its versatility and the secure connection it provides. Whenever I'm towing with a utility trailer, I know that this connector will keep everything firmly in place. It's a fantastic piece of equipment."

"I can't believe the value for money that this trailer hitch connector offers. It's competitively priced, yet it performs just as well, if not better, than some of the more expensive options out there. It's definitely a must-have for anyone who tows regularly."

"I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to install this trailer hitch connector. The clear instructions made the process a breeze, and I had it up and running in no time. It's made my towing experiences much more convenient!"

"The quality is top-notch. It feels robust and well-made, giving me the confidence that it can handle heavy loads without any issues. I'm thoroughly impressed with its performance."

Who Needs A Scorpion

  • Fleet Operators
  • Moving Businesses
  • Landscapers
  • Farmers
  • Boaters
  • Motorcyclists
  • Ranchers
  • RV Owners


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